Working for better medicine

We are committed to improving healthcare by researching and developing innovative solutions for disease prevention, management and cure.

Who we are


Our mission is to create innovative solutions that positively impact patients, society, and the environment.


We’re dedicated to promoting pharmaceutical innovation to improve lives, with a particular focus on rare diseases.


We believe in a commitment to science, in valuing people, and in perseverance, which leads to important results.

An overview of Italfarmaco

Italfarmaco is a private multinational group founded in 1938 and based in Milan, Italy. We produce high-quality medicinal specialties adhering to the highest quality standards. We are committed to improving patients’ lives and overall well-being through pioneering research and development, high-quality production, and global marketing of branded prescription and non-prescription products.

Therapeutic Areas

Here’s where our expertise brings effectiveness.
Our expertise in developing effective treatments enables us to address complex challenges in key therapeutic areas.

Evolution: how to make treatments more accessible for more patients

Pharmaceutics is a dynamic science, constantly evolving to make every medicine, formula, and application more effective. Our commitment to accessibility drives us to provide significant benefits and enable more people to access targeted and effective treatments. In our four research hubs, we focus on identifying new dosing solutions for approved drugs, repurposing reformulations, and developing APIs to deliver high-quality generic medicines to the market, ensuring that healthcare is more inclusive.

News & Highlights

Discover tha latest news and insights on Italfarmaco Group

  • 2023 - September 7

    Duchenne Awareness DAY 2023

    7 September marks World Duchenne Awareness Day (WDAD), a disease in which we as a company are particularly involved.

  • 2022 - September 7

    Duchenne Awareness DAY 2022

    September 7th is World Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day, a disease that sees us, as a company, at the forefront of the search for a drug that can slow down its progression.

  • 2022 - July 26

    Italfarmaco acquires 100% of Lacer, a Spanish pharmaceutical company that is a leader in health care and personal hygiene

    Thanks to this operation, that is subject to the approval of the competition authorities, the Group will reach 1,300 employees in Spain and 3,500 globally, with a consolidated turnover of over 1 billion euros.

  • 2020 - September 7

    World Duchenne Awareness Day 2020 – Duchenne and the Brain

    World Duchenne Awareness Day represents a great action of the global Duchenne Community to raise awareness for children and young adults living with Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy. This year the special theme that deserves more attention is “Duchenne and the brain”.